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Three Great Exercises to Strengthen Weak Knees

Many people develop weaknesses and imbalance that cause weak knees due to a number of factors which include a sedentary lifestyle and former injuries. Here are some exercises to keep your knees healthy and strong.

Significance of ancient but powerful – Acupuncture

Tweet f you are suffering from lower back pain or have headaches for a prolonged period, which are troubling your life in many ways, then you should choose acupuncture, which is quite holistic and amazing option. This age-old, normal, and safe strategy that is designed to enhances the stream of vitality around your body. This [...]

The Basics of Supplements for Building Muscle

If you’ve been hitting the gym and eating to grow, but haven’t been gaining the muscle mass you intended, you should think about taking supplements. There are a lot of things to choose from, hundreds of types offering to blast away the fat and build up your muscle. Let’s examine the basics of what definitely does, and what definitely does NOT work.

Fitness and Health – things you should know

Fitness and health related concerns today have acquired the center stage in our lives. Let us see how you can deal with them.

Get Fit & Healthy with Custom Weight Loss Programs

Tweet Editor’s note: Phit Zone does not endorse or promote the Medifast diet per se. This is simply a guest post by someone who has experience with the plan, and wants to teach you a little bit about custom diet plans. Fad Diets… Nay! Obesity has become a global malady. In the quest to address [...]

10 of the Hottest Fitness Bloggers on Facebook

Social networking is hot. And so are these women fitness bloggers.

Real Life Fitness – Give Us Input

“Real Life Fitness”–We want to hear your feedback.

Real Life Fitness-Are You In?

Life happens. What can we do to help you work through it?

5 Good Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Tweet Lose weight with these 5 good ways Guest post by Susan Campbell The rising obesity rates and weight related illnesses continue to skyrocket here in the US. What is being done about it? What can you do about it? Here are 5 good ways to lose weight fast: 1. Stop Consuming Soda and High [...]

Start Getting Rid of Belly Fat Today!

Getting rid of belly fat is tough. Learn how to get started today.