Take a bike ride on the wild side

They can’t take away our freedom!

Ever since we were kids, a bicycle was something special. It was a symbol of freedom. As adults, we’re still looking for freedom. Only now it is a freedom from being out of shape, unfit and overweight.

Biking is a fantastic form of exercise, whether it is braving the streets of your city or town, touring the paved trails at your favorite park, or braving some off-road trails in the country.

The benefits of pedaling your way to better health are pretty numerous. For instance, once the initial equipment is purchased, the expenses are few. It’s really like anything else–the more you get into it, the more you can spend. It’s all a matter of your budget.

Riding a bike is low impact, and will not be too hard on your body. That is unless you take a spill. The idea here is to not take a header on the trail. My point is that biking is pretty gentle on your joints.

Take it outside

We can’t forget the importance of being outdoors. When it’s cold or wet outside, you can take it indoors. When it’s nice out, there is not much in this world that can top that feeling of the wind in your face, and experiencing life.

Cover that bean

Safety guidelines suggest that you cover your melon when on a bike. A proper helmet is not just a good idea, it’s a smart one. For many of us, it’s not a matter of “if” we crash, but “when”.

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4 Responses to “Take a bike ride on the wild side”

  1. Todd says:

    After I finished writing this one, I found some more cool info. So, I’m working on part two. This may end up being a small series.

  2. You know that song “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”? That’s what this post just reminded me of.

  3. I also swim a ton lately and I sometimes swim like I’m riding a bike if that makes sense. Most things I say don’t.

  4. Todd says:

    @Julie – You got the reference. Good job.
    Swimming is great exercise too. I get what you’re saying about the under water bike ride. I picture something like a doggy paddle.

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