The 5 best diet tips ever


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The 5 best diet tips ever

1. Eat meals every 2-3 hours – This keeps your metabolism working. It will also keep you from getting hungry. This doesn’t mean go eat big meals every 2-3 hours. Instead, eat three bigger meals, and 2 to 3 snacks in between. These snacks could be string cheese and an apple, or 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and a pear. For dinner try chicken, and steamed green beans.

2. Work with a nutritionist – Working with a registered dietician or nutritionist will go a long, long way to your progress. You can read up on the subject in books, or on the internet, but these are people that went to school to learn about it. On top of that, they work in the field day in, and day out.

3. Eat whole foods – I can’t say this enough — whole foods! Stay away from anything that has enriched or fortified anything in the ingredients. You’ll do great with fresh fruits and veggies. Frozen is a second choice, but isn‘t a bad way to go. Make homemade soups. You’re in control. This will also help reduce sodium, and ensure fresh vegetables and lean meats.

4. Low glycemic index – This is a great diet regime that uses the power of those complex carbs that digest slower. This will make you feel fuller, letting you to stick to that 2-3 hour time frame. A low GI diet will help those having trouble with their adrenal glands, not to mention keeping your blood glucose levels under control.

5. Don’t skip food groups – There are many different diets out there. Stay away from the fad diets that take away from eating from any one group. There is a reason that there are food groups, and none of them should be left out. There are some that you may want to eat more or less of, such as more fruits and veggies than red meat or starches, but be sure to include them all.

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