5 Tips for Sounder Sleep

5 Tips for Sounder Sleep

Proper nutrition is vital for your health. Avoiding refined sugars and focusing more on organic, well-balanced meals is the key to a well-developed and healthy body. You also need to take at least eight glasses of water for your wellness.

While eating well, avoiding processed foods, and drinking plenty of water is recommended, sleep deprivation can take a toll on your health. Sleep is vital for everyone’s health. Our body and brain cells rejuvenate and regenerate while we sleep, which is why you wake up feeling energized and fresh after sleeping soundly. Many people, however, find it quite a challenge to unplug or get quality sleep.

While social networks, computers, and smartphones have their benefits, overusing them can have adverse effects on your health, sleep in particular. Most people spent countless hours into the night browsing through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, hence find very little time to rest. Lack of sleep can cause a myriad of health issues including obesity, decreased immune functions, heart diseases, and inflammation. It’s crucial that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day, or else your health will be doomed. Discussed below are a few ways on how you can improve your sleep quality.

Tips for Better Sleep

1. Go To Bed Early, and Stick To a Schedule

Going to bed early enables your body to get enough time to unplug and find sleep. Sticking to a fixed schedule on when you go to bed can also help improve your sleep quality as well. This helps your internal clock determine times when you should go to bed, hence keep in sync. It’s also advisable to avoid oversleeping during weekends or off-days. Stick to your routine, and if possible, find something to keep your mind occupied during the day.

2. Create a Favorable Sleeping Environment

Your bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex. It also needs to be dark enough, and free of disturbances such as noises from the living room or the outside. Consider insulating your bedroom, or even better, use a white sound machine. A fan might also come in handy here. Never make it a habit of using your phone, laptop, reading magazines, or watch TV on your bed. As long as you avoid these, your mind will always switch to ‘sleep mode’ whenever you jump on the bed.

A quality bed is also a great addition, either buy one after trying comprehensively in a store, or get a new mattress online – make sure to read articles like these Sleep Number bed reviews to get an idea what you’re purchasing.

3. Unplug a Few Hours Before Bedtime

Many people keep using their phones even when in their beds. Electronic devices emit a blue light which makes it almost impossible for your body to produce sleep hormones immediately. Unplugging a few hours before bedtime could however help you with that. While this may be hard for many, it is the only way to avoid disrupting the body’s circadian cycle.

Enabling night mode on your computer screen or smartphone may also help reduce blue light emissions significantly. Many of the latest operating systems have this feature enabled just for you. Consider using a real alarm clock instead of your phone’s clock especially while in the bedroom. With this, you will not necessarily have to keep your phone next to the bed or under the pillow. You also ought to avoid checking mail while on the bed as well.

4. Unwind

Make it a habit of keeping all electronic devices away from you while in bed. Look for magazines, a novel, or even a coloring book to help you unwind after the day’s events. You will be surprised how fast you will doze off when reading a novel than reading an eBook. Learn to handle and manage stress effectively to avoid depression in the long run. Listening to calm and relaxing music can also help you relax and drift into sleep. Some people even invest in indoor fountains and waterfalls to help facilitate the same.

5. Sip Something Soothing

Bedtime tea can also come in handy particularly in promoting sleep quality. Green or herbal tea are some of the preferred types by many people. You could also try out other types of tea such as yogi soothing caramel tea, chamomile tea, skullcap or L-theanine for a good night’s sleep.

If you prefer not to take tea, you could try out alternatives such as natural calm magnesium supplements. Only take the supplements just before bedtime to induce a restful and deep sleep.

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